Welcome, young blood. I see you've stumbled upon our little hollow. Well let me explain our purpose. You see... this is a place for those who are interested in the dark side of life. Its only a game.... or is it?
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 Rules of the Shadow Realm

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PostSubject: Rules of the Shadow Realm   Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:44 pm

In the Shadow Realm, Physical attributes are useless. Mental attributes are the Key and only features used in all aspects; including combat, and movement.

Everyone in the Shadow Realm abides by only 2 main code of conduct rules, No intentional disrespect of another player, and No excessive cursing. I understand that character attitudes will differ from one another but exteme amounts of malice will not be tolereted in the Realm. We are all here to have fun and no one likes to be the target of an a-hole on a power trip. so we all need to be cool and the fun will be shared all around.
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Rules of the Shadow Realm
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